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The Beginner level is intended for students who do not know the target language or whose knowledge of it is very basic. It allows students to acquire the basics in vocabulary and grammar and to approach the language in context, through texts and dialogues. The communicative approach is focused on, with the aim of teaching the students how to communicate in the foreign language and how to understand and produce meaningful discourse. The texts and dialogues immerse the student in the target language and constitute a medium from which to learn the basic structures and words essential to using the language correctly.


The Elementary level is intended for students who have basic knowledge of the target language and who wish to focus on business language. It deals with topics drawn from professional life and introduces the following speech acts: having a job interview, presenting one’s education and professional background, participating in a meeting, communicating by telephone.


The Intermediate level is intended as a review of the basic structures of the language. Knowledge of the language is enlarged progressively and what has been learned is further developed. It deals with themes taken from everyday or professional life and addresses students who are already familiar with basic speech acts such as introducing themselves, asking directions, etc., and who manage to pick out main ideas if expressed in clear, standard language.


The Intermediate+ level is intended for students who already know how to adjust to a variety of communication situations, who can understand globally what is being said, but who still make some mistakes. It aims at enabling students to acquire active communication skills on different subjects while expressing their point of view.


The Advanced level is intended for students who have good theoretical knowledge of the language and who use it well. In speaking situations, they are already able to take part in a conference or a meeting, but they still have trouble following a conversation among native speakers who speak quickly or use many idiomatic expressions. In writing, these students can understand complex texts that deal with familiar subjects. The Advanced level aims to perfect what has already been learned and to facilitate communication in more complex situations taken from daily or professional life, when holding a clear, nuanced discourse is important.


The Advanced+ is intended for students who already have solid language skills in everyday language and/or business language. It aims at placing the students in authentic communication situations inside a company so that they can deepen their knowledge of the target language. The situations addressed include overseas business travel, presenting a product, or client relations. 


The Expert level is intended for students who are practically fluent in the target language and who wish to maintain their level, to expand their knowledge by learning about a few points that have not been completely assimilated, or to refine their use of the target language even further. 

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